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In appreciation of his time here he presented seeds from the Plane Tree of Kos for planting in the hospital grounds, but only one - the Erskine House Tree - flourished.
To look And see the plane tree, its crooked branches brush the ground, rear In its age, older than any of us, destined, if all goes well with it, To outlast us all.
Plane tree does not grow in the shade (Huxley, 1992).
Backdrop for the gamboling creatures is the iconic plane tree (Platanus orientalis), a fixture of the Indian countryside and a royal tree to the Mughals.
The famous Berkeley Square tree, will help spawn a new generation of London Plane trees.
In his short story 'The Road from Colonus' (1904),(1) about an aging Englishman's missed chance at salvation after a spiritual epiphany inside a large plane tree in Greece, E.
I SEE in the Mail of February 12 the chopping down of that London Plane tree in Broad Street was brought up again and a new tree bank recommended by councillors.
The plans have been drawn up following last year's controversy over the felling of a decades-old mature London Plane tree during the redevelopment of Centenary Square and Broad Street.
The Plane Tree of Kos is a direct descendant of the one under which Hippocrates - the father of medicine - reportedly taught in 500BC.
When asked about the dog by the RSPCA, mother-of-six Williams, of Plane Tree Road, Bebington, responded: "I know, I feel guilty about it".
Then there's the old Black Mulberry in Spon Street, our oldest plane tree is in Coat of Arms Bridge Road and look out for the Indian bean opposite the police station and the Cannon Hill oak.
We will unveil his bust, which is the largest bust in Turkey and which is located under a plane tree in a park, in his memory.