planning board

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It's been almost a year since developer Les Otten's team has been before the planning board seeking approvals.
The Planning Board may utilize a number of services to be provided by outside professional planning consulting firms.
The Planning Board has 14 business days, or until April 15, to respond to the complaint.
He supports a brief prepared by the Northern Ontario Municipalities and Planning Board which was sent to provincial Municipal Affairs Minister John Gerretsen calling for a "new deal" for planning in the North.
It essentially threw the money at the states and the state planning boards.
Planning Board practice is to notify selectmen of site plan applications and seek selectmen's comments on the project.
A party wishing to appeal a planning board derision must file with the superior court within 30 days of the planning board decision.
Frank Kaden, 79, a former Internal Revenue Service agent, suggested the panel recommend that Planning Board members and airport commissioners, who are currently appointed by a vote of the council, be elected instead because he thinks some have been ``little puppets of council people.
Dawson brings considerable experience in public and private development of large, mixed-use and transportation related projects to the Englewood Planning Board.
Tenders are invited for Township attorney, township prosecutor, township public defender, financial consultant, bond counsel labor counsel, township auditor, special counsel for tax appeals special counsel for tax appeals (corporate facilities), appraisal consultant, risk management consultant, planning board attorney, zoning board attorney planner, planning board planner, zoning board affordable housing administrator township engineer, planning board engineer, zoning board engineer.
WORCESTER -- The mortgage holder of a housing subdivision in the Quinsigamond Village area has blocked the Planning Board from being able to rescind the subdivision approval it gave in 2009 for part of the multi-phase project.

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