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"In its Motion for Partial Summary Judgment, ASG asks this court to declare (1) that the Planning Board's June 22, 2015 vote rejecting and refusing to process ASG's preliminary plan had the legal effect of, and constituted, a disapproval of the preliminary plan submitted by ASG on May 11, 2015, and (2) that a G.L.c.
It's been almost a year since developer Les Otten's team has been before the planning board seeking approvals.
The Planning Board has 14 business days, or until April 15, to respond to the complaint.
A group of aggrieved farmers had approached the Planning Board on Wednesday, with an aim to delay the plan's approval.
He supports a brief prepared by the Northern Ontario Municipalities and Planning Board which was sent to provincial Municipal Affairs Minister John Gerretsen calling for a "new deal" for planning in the North.
It essentially threw the money at the states and the state planning boards. It cared only about who got what amount of money.
The planning board's chair, John Scarinza, said the board's lawyer has "given us guidance on things that the board should consider if and when it receives an application.
Joseph said the Planning Board failed in its charge to uphold the town bylaw governing solar installations and suggested the board had succumb to public pressure.
In 2009, the Planning Board approved 437 siting permits for construction projects worth $1.319 billion, which was fewer than in previous years.
Dawson brings considerable experience in public and private development of large, mixed-use and transportation related projects to the Englewood Planning Board. He is a master planning advisor for the TransBay Terminal in San Francisco, Boston's Artery Project, Fulton Street Transit Center, Governors Island in New York Harbor, and was recently been named as one of the "on call" advisors to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site.
This was the case when SunSet City applied for Planning Board site plan approval to develop a campground and recreational motocross park on about 23 acres off Brookfield Road, near the Sturbridge town line.
But if a decision of the planning board involves interpretation of the zoning ordinance, the appellant must first appeal to the ZBA before going to the superior court.

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