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I regret to say, however, that I've been a mass murderer of the plant kingdom.
Carnivory in the plant kingdom is in all incidences extremely rare, however tank bromeliads seem so naturally predisposed towards the trapping of prey that they would appear to be the most likely plants to evolve to become carnivorous--yet this is not so, they are far outnumbered by almost 600 species of non-bromeliad carnivorous plants.
A versatile selection of dried fruit, nut and seed mixes has been developed by new company Plant Kingdom to demonstrate to consumers their wide-ranging uses.
The Protoctist Kingdom (0761418180), Reptile Class (0761418202), Insect Class (0761418199), Flowering Plant Kingdom (0761418172) and Primate Order (0761-418164) by Stefoff each survey kingdoms and species, classification methods, physical traits, adaptations, and life cycles.
This same enzyme exists in plants, as well (Blee and Shuber 1992), and therefore, it is feasible that epoxy fatty acids, known to be abundant in the plant kingdom, may be metabolized to vicinol diols.
She traces the history of the quest to classify the plant kingdom and found that the search took her to Renaissance Italy, the Indies and the New World.
This phenomenon is widespread in the plant kingdom.
When he realized that extinction threatened many of the world's palms, he decided to concentrate on the tree Linnaeus once labeled Principes for "prince of the plant kingdom.
The other nonflowering species selected for the DOE sequencing pipeline comes from an equally venerable lineage of the plant kingdom, the club mosses.
Basically, the author compares the plant kingdom to the animal kingdom.
Brassinosteroids are natural products found throughout the plant kingdom.