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Chris looks at the winners and losers in the animal and plant kingdom.
Mahood finds Lawrence's mockery of Wordsworth unfair, but nevertheless finds in his poems about flowers "a strengthening of the scientific vision by the sacramental, which entitles him to be seen as the Poet Laureate of the plant kingdom.
Life (BBC1, 9pm) In tonights penultimate episode we visit the plant kingdom, and you may be thinking, but they just sit there don't they?
Botanica Magnifica" aims to foster a greater awareness of the plant kingdom and vanishing plant species.
Known for beautiful oversized garden pots and furniture, Serralunga has transformed the simple flower vase into a sculpture, a lamp, a landmark, and a meeting point between the plant kingdom, furniture and technology.
This is why I prefer looking to the plant kingdom for solutions to health problems.
The more from the plant kingdom you eat, the greater your potassium intake" says Cleveland Clinic dietitian Melissa Ohlson, MS, RD, LD.
2 : one of the three basic divisions (animal kingdom, plant kingdom, mineral kingdom ) into which natural objects are commonly grouped
The 2008 farm bill, however, dramatically expanded Lacey's protections, extending them to "any wild member of the plant kingdom, including roots, seeds, parts, and products thereof.
It is a comprehensive way of dealing with the plant kingdom.
The plant kingdom is broken down into two main groups: vascular plants and nonvascular plants.