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Plantable Seed Paper -- handmade paper made with wild flower seeds incorporated in the fibres.
Forestry Commission Wales said the involvement of farmers was essential if the number and variety of trees were to be increased in Wales, as they owned most of the plantable land.
Author Wenona Napolitano hits all the wedding-planning marks, from prenuptial pampering to eco-friendly wedding apparel, jewelry and decorations (including informative shakedowns of the diamond and floral industries); from tree-free invitations (elephant-dung paper; e-vites) to compostable tableware and plantable favors.
With the money they are planning to install new signage & seating, buy plantable materials, draw up activity and nature trail sheets and develop demonstration areas including a nectar garden, native hedgerows, a frog pond and a wildflower meadow.
But trade sources said the cyclone that devastated Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta last weekend destroyed thousands of tonnes of rice that were in storage and thousands of acres in the agriculturally rich region were now not plantable.
Pangea Organics, Boulder, CO, a skin care company well known for its 100% compostable and plantable packaging, is a marketer leading the way in the green movement.
Often they have a hard caliche type of soil but over time the organic matter in the fertilizer breaks it down into good plantable earth.
Greenworks/Casey Trees study of a 255-acre downtown area identified 86 acres of plantable roof space, fully 40 percent of all impervious surfaces in the area.
Armstrong Garden Centers sell roses in a plantable fiber pot.