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At Georgetown University in Washington, DC, historic records are all that remain of 54 Lombardy poplars planted there by the graduating class of 1919 to honor alumni who died in the war.
On the left, tulips have been planted in the grassy knoll at the entrance to the winding rows of yellow-brick townhouse-style housing.
Before the koa trees were planted, most of the birds seen were those introduced for recreational hunting--birds like pheasant, turkey, and quail.
The researchers used traditional breeding methods to move the gene into the wild sunflowers, which they planted in contained fields.
Ten years later, 2.6 million acres were planted on land whose owners range from moms and pops with only a few acres to the U.S.
This species has proven such a successful invader that it continues to establish countless new communities even though it's unlikely many people have intentionally planted it for the better part of a century.
And in the 1960s Lady Bird Johnson headed the Committee for a More Beautiful Capital, which planted thousands of trees in the District with an eye toward encouraging tree planting nationwide.
In a published report, he concluded that "manure that contains either [antibiotic] should not be applied to sandy loam soil just before pinto beans, and possibly other seed legumes, are planted."
* In California, 94,000 Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine, and sugar pine will be planted an 350 acres of Tahoe National Forest near Nevada City.
Prager's class planted its tree on a hill outside the school.
From 1933 to 1939 CCCers planted 538 million trees.
Working with Hunt and Kasperbauer, he then planted tomatoes in red- or black-mulched rows in the sterilized plots and inoculated half of the plants in each mulch with up to 100,000 nematode eggs.