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Call Chihun, who comes from Deesa's village," said the planter.
You will get into a difficulty in a minute," said the planter.
The planter nodded, and Deesa dived into the woods.
None the less he worked well, and the planter wondered.
Chihun reported the state of affairs to the planter, who came out with a dog-whip and cracked it furiously.
That decided the planter to argue no more, and Moti Guj rolled back to his amateur inspection of the clearing.
Planters, who have money to make by it,--clergymen, who have planters to please,--politicians, who want to rule by it,--may warp and bend language and ethics to a degree that shall astonish the world at their ingenuity; they can press nature and the Bible, and nobody knows what else, into the service; but, after all, neither they nor the world believe in it one particle the more.
Last year my favorite large container planter cracked over the winter.
Zinc trough planter This planter by Primrose is stylish and practical.
It was called a check-row planter, and it relied on a length of wire stretched and staked from one end of the field to the other, spooled through the planter, to drop seed kernels at precise distances along each row.
A walk-behind seed planter is a precision machine that places individual seeds at a specific spacing along a row.