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The original jab planter was a manually operated seed planter made of wood.
Borlikoski, of Hadley Path, previously took on the task of caring for a planter near their home, according to Mr.
This lightweight planter is a good choice for lighter soils.
He even has problems with the concept of paternalism, at least as regards early Mississippi and separates the attitudes of Virginian John Steele, for example, from that of frontier Mississippi and while noting the limitations of Steele's concern for his slaves, or for one slave, considers his the values of "an old planter elite" (p.
Deciding what to put in a courtyard planter can present an interesting conundrum.
But in 1975 we began a new market by re-pioneering folding row crop planters for easier hauling and transporting in response to a customer who asked for a planter that would fold horizontally.
LIKE the idea of a stylish lead planter, but worried you'd be broken by the cost (and weight)?
Rodrigue's silences may rest on his sympathy for the planters; he argues that "demands on the planter, if qualitatively different from those placed on slaves (and freedmen) were also exacting.
The thinner strips on the planter are made of rough-sawn 1-by-8s ripped to match the 1 1/2-inch thickness (you could substitute 1-by-2s).
Most grew up in rural Mexico; the woods work is familiar and does not require advanced language skills, says Ruben Lopez, a tree planter since 1976.
Thus, in describing the exquisite sweetness of life that big profits made possible for the planter elite, Dusinberre never loses sight of the human and social costs.
The soil in the planter draws water up in a continuous action.