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Integrating tree planting and maintenance with roadway construction and repair is a simple idea that can have a profound long-range effect.
One day in 1985, he was hunkered down in the damp moss on an island off south-eastern Alaska, planting trees with a dozen Girl Scouts.
The general rule for planting bulbs is to plant them 2 1/2 times the width of their diameter, from the top of the bulb,'' says Norrick.
Unfortunately, planting summer crops at the end of the winter will not make the warm weather come any sooner.
Conventional potting soil, sold by the bag, is an easy way to go when considering planting media for containers.
It is highly susceptible to oak root fungus and, especially in areas where oak trees once grew, will die within a year or two if it is planted too deep; make sure that its trunk base is not covered with soil, but left completely exposed at planting time.
Since a soaker hose leaks water all along its length, it is especially useful in new plantings where rapid growth of lateral roots is desired.
When Headley began tree planting in 1978, "I thought I'd died and gone to heaven," she says.
As you prepare for your fall planting, the proper cultivation of wild plants demands knowledge of woodland soft; they also benefit from the construction of terraced woodland beds, as well as permaculture and biodynamic farming principals and practices.
Planting when days are hot requires precautions that may not necessarily be needed when the weather is cool.
The District, as locals call it, has a long history of tree planting and maintenance.
Without this protective coating, planting earlier in cold, wet soil could cause poor or no germination to occur.