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Mortality rates of Spodoptera frugiperda when first instars were fed on maize plantlets treated with SfM- NPV occlusion bodies (OBs) alone or as formulations (wettable powder) amended with a thickening agent (xanthan gum at 0.
The roots of plantlets treated with the lowest dose of Phi kept growing until the 32nd day.
Once you have your first strawberry plants hopefully you never have to buy any again and these new plantlets come gratis.
Somatic cells of cultured orchid tissues can transform into protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) that will later grow into individual plantlets (Arditti and Ernst, 1993).
It was estimated that at maximum level of output 25000 plantlets could be produced and total laboratory cost of growing plantlet was Rs.
In general salt stress causes morphological changes, physiological and metabolic or cellular level or at the plantlet, for fresh weight were found in this study that cell behavior is coherent than leaves in contrast to results that were found by [10,1].
The plantlets with well-developed roots were transferred into pots containing sterile Soilrite.
Mast plants are resistant to salinity during germination but in plantlet outburst stage is sensitive and salinity damages those [13].
For conversion of somatic embryos into plantlet, the torpedo shaped embryo was transferred on MS medium supplemented with different concentration of BAP, TDZ and ABA alone or in combination.
Bury the bottom of the plantlet only 1/2 inch or so deep, with the length of flower stalk deeper to hold it in place.
The plantlets also make propagation ridiculously easy ( just pin a plantlet to a pot of moist compost and it will root within a fortnight.