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The generated power supplies electricity to the pumps that provide irrigation and mists the coffee plantlets.
The variation PPFD used in the present study was sufficient to understand the behavior of this species in vitro and to inform future studies seeking more and better quality plantlet production.
0 mgl-1) and after complete plantlet formation on MS media containing growth hormones, the plantlets were successfully transferred to pots.
In qualitative analysis, performed after 150 days of in vitro culture, it was observed that plantlets grown in culture medium with NAA and capped with closures allowing gas exchange showed best growth and morphological development (Figure 1a).
The numbers of thrips ranged from 1 to 10 individuals per plantlet, including adult and immature stages, and were found always on the undersides of the orchid leaves.
Although shoot development was observed in plantlet development from embryos no root induction occured when the Cohen et al.
For culturing and in vitro propagation culture medium was initially the same but as the experiments progressed concentrations of nutrients especially nitrogen and phosphorus proved to be insufficient for growth and development of plantlets.