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Mawrth Vallis is a large outflow channel located a few hundred miles away from Oxia Planum, most likely formed due to ancient floods.
Melodi (beste) ve tekst (gufte)nin senkronize islenmesinde sol posterior planum temporale, senkronize sarki soylemede bilateral inferior pariyetal lobul anterior kismi ve sag posterior planum temporale, senkronize konusmada ise sol anguler girus aktive olmaktadir.
The lower bank of the sylvian fissure contains the primary auditory cortex on Heschl's gyms and auditory association cortex on the planum (Figure 4).
5 years to describe the pattern of whole colony growth and the consequences of that growth for intertidal Polyclinum planum growing in situ.
For both asymmetries, the typical pattern is associated with greater variability of the right hemisphere (right planum and left hand) than the left hemisphere (left planum and right hand).
2, - 2 600 m 3 transport excess base layer / ground z 2, - dispose of 4,700 t of base course / floor z 2, - produce 3 090 m 2 of planum, Supply and install 3 030 m 2 of geotextile, - loosen and store 390 m 3 soil or rock, - deliver 205 t of aggregate mixture 0/32, - make 2 450 m 2 of hydraulic bound base course, - 620 m 2 track base made of steel fiber concrete d = 20 cm, - install 268 m of tie rod track, - install 6 transition bars, - deliver and install 580 m of rail chamber stones, - make 540 m 2 wat 0/11, D 3-6 cm, - 540 m 2 track paving, Concrete block manufacture, - 140 m 2 asphalt base course.
This happens because at the bottom of the basin located in the Sputnik Planum - a wide plane in the western lobe of the "heart" - the atmospheric pressure is higher than in the surrounding areas, a fact that causes the nitrogen to condense into ice in this region, creating a permanent reservoir.
The plain, informally named Sputnik Planum, is dominated by frozen molecular nitrogen ([N.
This map covers a portion of Pluto's surface that measures 1,290 miles (2,070 kilometers) from top to bottom, and includes the vast nitrogen-ice plain informally named Sputnik Planum and surrounding terrain.
The region, informally called Sputnik Planum, is an 825-kilometer-wide, 4-kilometer-deep basin, said Schenk, of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston.
NASA Mars Exploration Rover (MER) lead scientist Steve Squyres of Cornell University reported appearance of a suspected gypsum near Endeavour Crater's rim - a region of Meridiani Planum that Opportunity has been researching since 2011 - and the discovery of clays, which likely formed in a pH-neutral wet environment in early Mars, Discovery News reported.
Serbia's Construction company Planum from Belgrade that will be building several facilities worth about 1 billion dollars in Angola, announced that it will involve almost all home companies that can work on these projects.