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6) Colloid osmotic pressure decreases result in relative hemoconcentration, and simultaneous marked generalized edema and contracted plasma volume suggest that PE patients are "dehydrated" into their interstitial spaces.
2007) reported that in large-type meat producing goats whose water intake had been restricted, decreases in circulating plasma volume brought about by increased saliva secretion during feeding caused a decrease in dry forage intake.
Women randomized to the plasma volume expansion group received 500 mL of 6% hexaethyl starch daily.
Hypoxic pulmonary artery vasoconstriction secondary to increased resident altitude would contribute to a decrease in venous return, along with altitude-associated decreased plasma volume.
Furthermore, the optimal replacement fluid should contain about one gram of carbohydrate per minute of work, and an adequate amount of electrolytes that will maintain serum osmolality and plasma volume (13).
Although the closure of 16 plasma collection stations in Guizhou in 2011 didn't cause major disruption to domestic blood products market, the total plasma volume in China blood products industry reduced by 2.
The local market for plasma volume replacement products is strong,and we are expecting to launch Volplex early in 2004,'' added Mr Appelbee.
Will decrease plasma volume, which is the opposite effect of endurance training (increased plasma volume).
WASHINGTON - Low plasma volume and hypercholesterolemia post partum were good predictors of recurrent hypertensive disease in a subsequent pregnancy in a study of 99 women.
After an initial 2 L plasma volume apheresis, free serum thyroxine (FT4) was decreased by at least 40% and free serum triiodothyronine (FT4) was also decreased.
However, if the citrate and EDTA anticoagulant solutions remain extracellular, then the correction factor should only reflect the centrifuged specimen plasma volume and not the whole blood volume:
Athletes have lower hemoglobin because plasma volume (fluid in the circulation) is increased by exercise.