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Besides blood products, there are two types of medicines used for plasma volume replacement: crystalloids and colloids.
Markers of change in plasma volume were important mediators of the reduction in risk of hospitalization for heart failure or death from heart failure," said Dr.
Plasma volume decreased in both the horizontal and pendent arm during exercise.
Therefore the aim of this study was to examine the effect of precooling (cold water immersion) on exhaustion time, oral temperature and plasma volume in young soccer players during an incremental exhaustive test in warm conditions.
From these results, it is clear that the MI treatment was less effective than the ASI treatment in mitigating the decreases in plasma volume brought about by dry forage feeding.
A one plasma volume exchange removes about 66% of an intravascular constituent and a two plasma volume exchange approximately 85%.
Total plasma volume increases about 45% during normal pregnancy, while the blood volume increases about 33%, in essence the increment in plasma exceeding that of the red cell volume, resulting thus in a decrease in the HCT.
The notion for this practice was an assumption that altered plasma volume would affect the ability of a fixed concentration of citrate in the coagulation tubes to chelate calcium in the patient's plasma.
WREXHAM-based health care products company Maelor has reached agreement with Cambridge Laboratories Limited (Cambridge) to re-acquire the marketing rights to the Welsh firm's blood plasma volume substitute Volplex.
Upcoming costs will come from the reacquisition from Cambridge Laboratories of the marketing rights to Volplex, a blood plasma volume substitute.
Plasma volume expansion, once thought of as a possible treatment for severe preeclampsia, appears to confer no benefit even after a 1-year follow-up, results of a randomized controlled trial suggest.