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It uses an internal support inserted via keyhole surgery and was developed because Prof Mackay wanted to eliminate the inconvenience and musclewasting effects of plaster casts. The surgeon, who is based at Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow, has already used the technique on about 20 patients.
But, he said, LCP, which was the culmination of 25 years of research, would cost the NHS around ten times more than plaster casts and would be unlikely to be available on the health service in the near future.
Plaster Cast Process--Plaster casts to manufacture simulated diecast prototypes use the RP process differently from sand casting in the type of tooling required.
Memories of clingfilm and plaster casts were shared last night as participants in Antony Gormley's Domain Field artwork attended a reunion at Baltic.
Although those folk at Gucci are probably making up their first designer plaster cast as we speak.
An accident-prone boy was saved by the plaster cast on his arm as he fell down a water-filled pipe.
Slattery, who visited his consultant yesterday, said: "I was told that I would not need another operation, which is good news, and the plaster cast is now off.
Morbius's invisible creature attacks a spaceship crew in the film "The Forbidden Planet," the first clue to its appearance comes from a plaster cast of a large, ominously curved claw.
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A SCHOOL was yesterday fined pounds 16,500 after a pupil lost most of her fingers trying to make a plaster cast in art class.
DRINK-driver Gail Powell gave the game away when she drove past a police car - with her broken leg in a plaster cast out of the window.
Davies, who has played at full-back and as a central defender for Boro, will be in a plaster cast for between 12 and 16 weeks.