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The plaster cast was not worth more than a few shillings, and the whole affair appeared to be too childish for any particular investigation.
Why any burglar should take such a thing passes my understanding, for it was only a plaster cast and of no real value whatever.
From the outset, the plaster casts inspired conflicting responses.
On the other hand, plaster casts are also essential for use in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning, allowing us to evaluate treatment need and treatment outcome [2].
The Takeaway: LED luminaires with high lumen packages and adjustable lenses accentuate surfaces of plaster casts at Musee Bourdelle in Paris.
A Bristol-based manufacturer of rubber products for a variety of industries has been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise for an invention that keeps plaster casts and dressings dry in water.
A BRIDE-TO-BE who fractured both wrists while dancing at her hen do went ahead with the wedding thanks to some fashionable plaster casts.
Contract notice: Wound care, bonding, plaster casts and splints supplies (500).
CAA CLEAR-ALIGNER protocol is based on sequential aligners carried out over the impressions, and plaster casts carried out each 4 weeks.
Celebrating Cornell's sesquicentennial, his most recent installation connected these themes with classical plaster casts, contemporary sculpture, and a 150-year-old tree.
ISLAMABAD -- In what could revolutionise plaster cast technology, a Turkish design student has unveiled a slick 3D-printed cast with ventilation holes that reduces healing time by around 40 percent than currently used plaster casts.
It was further stated that the majority of clubfeet can be corrected in infancy in about six to eight weeks with the proper gentle manipulations and plaster casts. The treatment is based on a sound understanding of the functional anatomy of the foot and of the biological response of muscles, ligaments and bone to corrective position changes gradually obtained by manipulation and casting.