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JOURNEY: How the Evening Gazette has followed Joshua and Jenny's story, above and left LITTLE SMILER: Joshua Mcmahon with his bright blue plaster casts, left, after receiving a operation to help him walk and, above, with mum Jenny Landess
This low heel height takes the limp out of the user's walk and eliminates the awkward ankle rotation and hip displacement that come from the higher heels used on plaster casts.
Keep A Breast Foundation is a nonprofit breast cancer awareness organization that creates one-of-a-kind plaster casts of the female torso, which are customized by fine artists and auctioned to raise funds for breast cancer research, treatment and support programs.
NEWS A NURSE who came up with an idea to "dissolve" plaster casts worn by children rather than use a "scary" electric saw, has won the use of a Mazda2 for her efforts.
Two years ago, she underwent four hours of surgery and spent more than three months with her legs in plaster casts.
Children brought in their favourite teddy, soft toy or doll as a "patient", on which the trainee doctors demonstrated and explained a range of procedures from x-rays and immunisations to plaster casts and bandages.
Memories of clingfilm and plaster casts were shared last night as participants in Antony Gormley's Domain Field artwork attended a reunion at Baltic.
below, are lined with plaster casts of many famous faces.
Richard and Judy (but mostly Richard) sat in the studio casting their eyes over six women standing in their bras alongside Before and After plaster casts of their breasts.
But, he said, LCP, which was the culmination of 25 years of research, would cost the NHS around ten times more than plaster casts and would be unlikely to be available on the health service in the near future.
Other items in this show appeared dated, such as the Lucite sculptures with embedded photographs of food, or the painted plaster casts of bread lined up in a grayscale row, but this was largely because their semiotic jokesterism has been so wholly assimilated by successors that it cannot startle now as it did then.
To learn more uses for the animal track plaster casts, look for "Toe Know How" in the November/December issue of Camping Magazine.