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However, he adds, the Bollegraaf HBC 120 baler that Van Dyk distributes is "able to compete with the two-ram balers" when it comes to producing dense bales of plastic.
Plastic beverage bottles sold in the United States are made from a type of plastic known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
Many plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and other food containers contain bispbenol A (BPA), a compound that can leach out in small quantities and, based on animal studies, can cause reproductive and developmental abnormalities.
Clear rigid plastic made of polycarbonate (used to make baby bottles) also may leak the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol A.
Plastic is different from paper in that it does well in landfills.
Plastic jackets, trash bags, stereos, football helmets.
Mehdi Taghiei and his colleagues at the University of Kentucky in Lexington report a new, efficient way of converting plastic waste into high-quality, saturated fuel oil.
The use of castable urethanes, epoxies and plastic composites as pattern stock has advanced rapidly during the last decade.
The first application of plastic media for mold cleaning occurred in the early 1980s.
Based on the number of plastic versus paper bags ordered and used by the major supermarket chains across the country, chances are slightly better that you leave the grocery store carrying plastic bags.