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On the other hand, larger plastic objects like car tires, synthetic clothing, and plastic bottles release microplastics as microscopic pieces of plastic break off every time they are used by humans.
In line with the state government's intention to ban single-use plastics and plastic straws, Phee said they will need to look at how to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic shopping bags.
But the valuable characteristics of plastic, a low-cost non-reactive material with wide applicability, produce both misguided and justified fears about environmental impacts.
Al least they have a second use, then they go in the plastic wheelie bin.
This is the first time the state has reported a rigid plastic container recycling rate of less than 25 percent since it began calculating the figure in 1993.
In this process a thin film of a plastic such as GE's Lexan polycarbonate is preformed to match the part shape and then inserted into the injection mold.
"Because HPPC is glass-filled and the fibers are continuous, you don't get that sagging you used to get in the past," Buckmaster says, referring to the fact that historically large horizontal plastic panels have either been avoided or ribbed on the underside because of this tendency to sag.
Plastic bottles fare worse: While nearly 40 percent of PET plastic bottles were recycled in 1995, only about half that many--21.6 percent--were recycled in 2004, according to the National Association for PET Container Resources.
Besides labeling consumer products, plastic tags might make novel electronic tracking and transactions possible, from computer monitoring of what's in the refrigerator to mail routing by means of smart address labels.
The term "phthalates," short for "orthophthalates," refers to a class of additives that are used in some plastic products, specifically products made with a particular type of plastic--polyvinyl chloride (PVC or vinyl)--to make the material soft and flexible.
(2) Life cycle assessment studies of plastic bags versus paper bags produce similar findings on this paper product, proving that neither is an enviromnentally sound choice.
Applying the above Newtonian analysis to almost any plastic or rubber extruder will yield results which grossly over-estimate the machine's output.