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The coffee press' glass carafe, screen and plunger are held in place by a metal frame which is rose gold-colored with a black molded plastic base.
It has a plastic base to eliminate any potential shorting issues.
The code is written into the plastic base of the vials using a laser.
5cm) has a kick pedal, sturdy plastic base and a rubber band to hold bin bags in place.
When Sioux Chief Manufacturing wanted to develop a series of universal pipe clamps with noise absorbing blocks to reduce noise transfer caused by loose pipes, it chose a thermoplastic elastomer from this specialty compounder for a bridge insert that fits over a nylon plastic base.
Make sure the valve stems are numbered (use a carbide cutter in a hand-held grinder), mark a "home" location somewhere on the head or stem, and place them in a wooden or plastic base drilled with marked holes to keep the stems upright and separated.