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in from the edge of the plastic base and a few dollops in other locations.
Make sure the valve stems are numbered (use a carbide cutter in a hand-held grinder), mark a "home" location somewhere on the head or stem, and place them in a wooden or plastic base drilled with marked holes to keep the stems upright and separated.
The rubber coating adds grip to the contoured arm, and a removable plastic base holds a bowl, a glass, or a short pitcher.
The new material has a plastic base and is designed to prevent the deformation of stored images even when it is bent.
To help you keep it that way, an innovative rear seat folds forward to reveal a protective hardened plastic base to carry larger or messy items.
New bulk truck from Meese Orbitron Dunne Company features a durable, impact-resistant plastic base that accommodates up to 600 lbs.