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These time-saving, single-use indicator strips feature a color-fixed test area on an easy-to-handle, durable plastic strip for fast, accurate results.
Partner 1 takes one of the plastic strips and rubs it against a scrap of nylon for several seconds to give the plastic strip a charge.
As a general rule, doors should remain closed whenever possible, and if necessary, install plastic strip curtains or a double-door for frequently used entry-ways.
You walk out into the middle of the watergarden along a stone promontory, one end of which enigmatically cants up to raise your head above the mesmeric, fluttering plastic strip 'roof'.
Methods: Partially purified Amaranthus spinosus leaf oxalate oxidase was immobilized through diazotization onto arylamine glass beads affixed on the surface of a plastic strip by a non reactive fixative and employed for oxalate determination in urine and serum samples collected from healthy individuals and urinary stone formers.
Security Thread: Also visible when held up to the light is the security thread, or plastic strip, that is embedded in the paper and runs vertically to the right of the portrait.
There's a plastic strip with the words USA, twenty, and a small flag microprinted.
LACORS makes clear its preference for beef from different countries to be separated by at least a plastic strip, but says that if co-mingled beef is still on offer consumers must be warned by a prominent notice advising them to take care when selecting their purchase.
Security thread: vertical plastic strip with "USA 50" and a flag image
To thwart counterfeiters, the federal government plans to release a new $20 bill next month with additional security features - including a small watermark, a plastic strip, microprinting and color-shifting ink - making it harder to replicate.
Your film is a plastic strip, which is coated with light-sensitive silver halide crystals that float in a hardened gelatin.
The system consists of a continuous plastic strip which is spirally wound into the existing deteriorated host pipe.