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has a tall transverse corridor flanked either side by those long plastic strips you get in warehouse doors.
Methods: Partially purified Amaranthus spinosus leaf oxalate oxidase was immobilized through diazotization onto arylamine glass beads affixed on the surface of a plastic strip by a non reactive fixative and employed for oxalate determination in urine and serum samples collected from healthy individuals and urinary stone formers.
There's a plastic strip with the words USA, twenty, and a small flag microprinted.
At loading docks or other receiving areas, install plastic strip doors to block entry by insects from the outside.
Security thread: vertical plastic strip with "USA 50" and a flag image
To thwart counterfeiters, the federal government plans to release a new $20 bill next month with additional security features - including a small watermark, a plastic strip, microprinting and color-shifting ink - making it harder to replicate.
Your film is a plastic strip, which is coated with light-sensitive silver halide crystals that float in a hardened gelatin.
The system consists of a continuous plastic strip which is spirally wound into the existing deteriorated host pipe.
The first offender attaches a plastic strip into the slot where people insert their cash cards, creating a loop which is very difficult to see.
The patient places the 15-cm plastic strip over his/her upper lip before going to sleep.
SEP particles and materials inside the plastic strip were etched preferentially and could be easily revealed using SEM.
A 30 x 10 mm picrate paper, attached to a plastic strip with hobby glue (6), was immediately added to the vial, and the vial was closed with a screw cap.