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The goal of this project is to identify the inhibitory and excitatory synaptic plasticity mechanisms occurring during sensory experience to produce PL.
In a joint interdisciplinary project led by the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), researchers now show that cancer cells of glioblastomas -- conspicuously aggressive solid brain tumors -- manifest developmental plasticity and their phenotypic characteristics are less constrained than believed.
We were able to show that the spread of pancreatic cancer to the liver depends on the plasticity of the cancer cells.
By plasticity, we mean the double movement of giving and receiving form, such that it at the same time is a saying farewell to something past and a saying hello to something new, a complete coincidence of new and old--a kind of creative explosion, so to speak.
Induced responses to competition and herbivory: natural selection on multi-trait phenotypic plasticity. Plant Ecology 91(9): 2628-37.
Cellular plasticity is the ability of a cell to make different cell types.
Such changes are broadly referred to as "cross-modal plasticity" [34, 35].
Artificial sensation through stimulation - synaptic plasticity - is responsible for the retaining memories in the brain.
Interestingly recent findings indicate that some [T.sub.H] cell subsets have a certain degree of plasticity. They can share characteristics typical of other types of [T.sub.H] cells and potentially lose their original features to convert into another [T.sub.H] cell subset.
Scientists have been surprised by the discovery that magnesium plays an essential role in supporting brain plasticity, which is the sign of a youthful, flexible brain primed for optimal learning, memory, and cognitive function.
Part 1 'The Changing face of intervention in infants with cerebral palsy' sets the tone of the text with a brief historical context which leads into discussion on understanding weakness due to impaired muscle activation and lack of motor control; advances in diagnosis, brain plasticity, motor development and active learning and skill acquisition.
Phenotypic plasticity in response to environmental heterogeneity is an important adaptive component of plant strategies.