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Sigh" involves increasing tidal volume or PEEP for one or several breaths per minute to a prespecified plateau pressure.
Such an approach was recently examined in the Permissive Hypercapnia, Alveolar Recruitment and Limited Airway Pressures (PHARLAP) trial; individualised PEEP titration and targeted plateau pressures resulted in improved oxygenation, pulmonary compliance and reduced expression of inflammatory cytokines.
VL = volume loading, MABP = mean arterial blood pressure, HR = heart rate, Ppeak = airway peak pressure, Pplat = airway plateau pressure, Cstat = total static compliance of the respiratory system, ETC[.
Therefore, the current trend is to ventilate these patients with tidal volumes based on about 6 ml/kg of ideal body weight and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP), along with attempting to achieve plateau pressures of less than 35 cm H20.
The measurement of Plateau Pressure (PPLAT) is one of the most indispensable values we can determine.
In the pressure-time curves at Y-piece of the PB840, plateau pressure (Ppl) in the injured model (18.
Plateau Pressure - (PPLAT) PPLAT is the pressure measured at the end of inspiration during an inflation hold.