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A third use for functional assessment of platelet inhibitor therapy is prediction of bleeding risk and cause of bleeding.
If the trials are successfully completed and cangrelor receives regulatory clearance, the Company believes cangrelor will be the first IV platelet inhibitor to market that binds directly to the P2Y12 receptor, a clinically validated target to treat or prevent arterial thrombosis in patients undergoing PCI.
The long-term use of the platelet inhibitor clopidogrel in patients with acute coronary syndromes is cost effective as well as clinically effective, reported William S.
But the results from this German study, which was not sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, cannot be considered the last word on using a glycoprotein IIb/IIIa platelet inhibitor in patients with diabetes undergoing PCI, said some experts at the meeting.
The combined incidence of death, MI, the need for urgent repeat angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery, and the need for emergency bailout platelet inhibitor therapy was 6.
The drug should not be used in patients who have been recently treated with a platelet inhibitor, a thrombolytic drug, or in those who have undergone full anticoagulation with warfarin.
PGE-1 is known to be a potent vasodilator and platelet inhibitor, as well as an anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic agent.
Inhibitors of gp IIb/IIIa receptor are potent anti-platelet agents and act by a mechanism distinct from that of aspirin or thienopyridine platelet inhibitors.

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