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Each dedicated heater platen has a specific cut plate that matches the design of the tool cutting die layout.
The HPM Division of Taylor's Industrial Services has a rotating, movable platen option for its Freedom Series injection molding machines that can reduce cycle time for insert molding, multicolor, coinjection and other processing by 30% to 35% and improve productivity by up to 133%, says HPM.
Heated platen eliminates a halo effect that can generate from
The firm has expanded its ability to provide fast turnaround on fabricating platen insulation to customer specifications.
The CanoScan LiDE 50 joins the CanoScan LiDE 20 and CanoScan LiDE 30 (announced July 25) to complete Canon's full-featured platen flatbed scanner line.
There are grouped holes that are drilled and tapped into the platen functioning faces.
The brake seal molding facility was having difficulty maintaining fight product tolerances because of the failing glass reinforced polyester platen insulation.
Check for platen expansion at the top tiebars (while warm) by measuring the distance between the top bars, then compare it to the distance between the bottom tiebars.
Now, we are using the new platen to improve die yield.
The press's 19" x 19" platens accept all standard sample mold sizes.
It is furnished with digital/programmable temperature controls for each platen, and has an adjustable pressure regulator with a large face pressure gauge.