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Yet the electorate will, if ever the platitudes are listened to beyond the Hall.
Platitude then headed to the Gordon Stakes at Goodwood but he found his run checked at a crucial point and was never going to get on terms after that mishap a couple of furlongs from home.
VVWHAT they say Teddy Grimthorpe, racing manager to Khalid Abdullah, owner of Platitude He stays very well and has shown good form.
This would also explain why it can only produce platitudes like the following that was included in the joint statement: "We remain convinced of the strategic nature of this trilateral co-operation and we will continue to work closely towards the fullest exploitation of its potential, to the benefit of our peoples and the wider region.
Out comes the platitude to explain the problems with the project: "IT projects cannot succeed without effective change management.
Individual members who find themselves thinking critically of the group leader many times will revert to some form of isolation-producing cognitive exercise, such as chanting, exercising, or reciting organizational platitudes, to reduce the anxiety created by the mere thought of challenging the group leader.
This platitude needs to be included in any account of truth aptness, for when we do conceptual analysis we have to respect platitudinous connections.
35 Goodwood Sporting (50:25:10) 15-18 Ulysses, 13-16 Platitude, 9-12 Qatari Hunter, 8-11 Harrison, Prize Money, Shogun, 6-8 Steel Of Madrid, 5-7 The Major General, 3-5 Goldmember.
Constitution does not authorize the Bush administration to act on the Marxist platitude "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.
Bush acknowledged his oft-repeated platitude, noting, however, that he also adds that "freedom is not America's gift to the world.
10 Net Art The platitude is that the Internet will change all our visual habits and handed-down attitudes toward art.
The McCourts said it had something to do with the old team-sports platitude about the name on the front meaning more than the name on the back.