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Full of passion, platitude and self congratulation.
One sincerely hopes that the ministers' words on keeping steelmaking at Scunthorpe and South Wales are not just platitudes to stem the criticism for alleged government inactivity to prevent Chinese steel dumping etc - although people on Teesside may believe they have been sacrificed to save our steel in other parts of the UK.
Anastasiades is correct in pursuing the strengthening of relations with neighbouring countries, but there is no need to embellish this with grandiose plans about strategic co-operation and other such platitudes.
And I have to admit, I always raise a grin when I see those witty sayings of Yorkshire pride which are, of course, not platitudes because they're true.
The spokesman's criticism stood in stark contrast to the Obama Administration, which, while insisting on action and not just words, has avoided dismissing what Rohani has done thus far as "empty platitudes.
This was typical Tony Abbott today: platitudes, devoid of substance, real policy or funding commitments.
Platitudes are not enough and should not serve as a guide to U.
What do you feel (not think, but feel) when you hear one of those overused, super-obvious platitudes about IT management.
We get promises and platitudes, and as Coun Maton has shown, we get yet more spin and bluster, but no help.
2) Thus, Ellis's primary purpose in writing Platitudes is to redefine how African Americans should be represented in fiction, implying that neither of the dominant approaches can completely articulate late-twentieth-century black experience when practiced in isolation.
Instead of getting their banal, mindless platitudes, make them do gymnastics dressed up as sailors.
Watching stars mouth platitudes was patronising telly.