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More than 1,000 environmentalist and leftist groups signed a post-conference petition entitled "The Future We Don't Want," a play on The Future We Want, the platitudinous document that diplomats from 188 nations agreed on there.
Although workers were often sceptical about Soviet ideology, they were influenced by platitudinous propaganda about the supremacy of the working class, etc.
After 10 days of fruitless negotiations, the Rio summit produced 'The Future We Want' - a hefty tome of platitudinous blather.
My recent experience has been that these conversations can next go one of two ways: The person mentions clergy sex abuse or makes a platitudinous statement about Catholics.
He has a few insights, but they are largely platitudinous and could readily have been boiled down to an extended magazine commentary.
The report's endorsement of broadly accepted, almost platitudinous reform principles, coupled with unsupported and possibly counterproductive recommendations, renders the report of little value in improving the quality of principals.
Of course we do have naive and platitudinous things in our daily lives and that is very accepted.
But his popularity among more orthodox Catholics is immense and growing, and taken all in all, his feisty editorializing is a badly needed counter-balance to the dreary platitudinous blandness that is the hallmark of so much of the official Church-speak that we routinely hear and read.
I do disagree with one of Palmer's propositions, and this disagreement points toward a chief cause of the platitudinous quality that makes most of his essay dull reading: "In my view, the cognitive approach is the basis of all the others.
In response, Benjamin calls, in fairly platitudinous terms, for "a classical secondary school we could love," where teaching would be related "to living values of the present.
The discussion may transcend platitudinous adjectives into what makes a particular voice truly compelling.
Moreover, I suggested, almost 13 years ago, that the SEC require by rule that proxy statements contain an essay from each board candidate explaining why he adds value to, and would be a good director for, that board--on the hope that such a required essay might contain not "vision statements" or similar platitudinous vapor but, instead, an election plea based on the candidate's personal and professional competencies ("Two Modest Proposals," Winter 1998).