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It's neither plaudit nor put-down but straightforward observation to say that this exhibition had the ability to leave even the most tolerant visitor with a pounding headache.
Globe Public Health reporter Andre Picard, in his plaudit of the pill's progress, felt impelled to mention that there were several serious side-effects connected to its use--this despite the lowering of estrogen levels.
Cannon received MALDEF's "Excellence in Leadership Award" in June 2002--a profoundly dubious plaudit, given that the foundation-funded radical group openly seeks to subvert our immigration laws and undermine our national borders.
But last night's plaudit - Best Actor in a Musical - was the one he wanted most because it is voted for by theatre-goers.
The latest plaudit follows the naming of the hotel as Small Hotel of the Year in the region's first-ever North-East England Tourism Awards.
Kevin Keegan admits he is a big admirer of Micky Adams - and the Leicester manager repaid the plaudit with a 3-0 victory over his opposite number at Manchester City.
The 15,000-square-foot store, at 1873 Plaudit Place, has a bold, contemporary new exterior that will serve as a billboard to the Lexington community and the large front display windows will give customers a peek at the best Ethan Allen has to offer.
The first was Plaudit in the 1958 Brocklesby at Lincoln.
The Hilton Garden Inn Lexington's address is: 1973 Plaudit Place, Lexington, Ky.
In a review of the paper trade prospects internationally, Smurfit was also said to have pursued a disciplined growth strategy and supply-side management policy, winning the plaudit of a market performer rating.
ABSOLUTELY there should be plaudits for our Welsh rugby team.
NATURALLY and rightly so, Romelu Lukaku got all the plaudits following Everton's win at West Brom on Monday night.