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ESIODUS), to show how prejudiced and lacking even in plausibility such efforts are.
It may always be asked whether a writer of Romance makes his world seem convincingly real as we read or whether he frankly abandons all plausibility.
In all the tribe there was but one who was at all skeptical about the plausibility of Tarzan's remarkable rescue of Goro, and that one, strange as it may seem, was Tarzan of the Apes.
It may be said that the tactile images are merely present, without any accompanying belief; but I think this view, though sometimes correct, derives its plausibility as a general proposition from our thinking of explicit conscious belief only.
That feeling of life- emptiness which had made me so restless for the last few months lost its bitter plausibility, its evil influence, dissolved in a flow of joyous emotion.
Pullet's observation with erroneous plausibility, "you must consider that, neighbor Tulliver; Wakem's son isn't likely to follow any business.
including plausibility shares worth preserving / increasing value
It's not helped by an overdose of flashbacks and plausibility stretching double-crosses.
This isn't to suggest we cease the noble effort, but keeping minds and deeds unclogged from fairy tales and fantasies with sumptuous doses of reality will generate results of greater plausibility.
I agree that we should not look at statistical significance, without looking at scientific plausibility.
Common sense and plausibility are early casualties as Butler grimaces, growls and flexes his pecs through the film.
Evans said the story now "appears to have been invented", but at the time "had just enough plausibility to be seductive".