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There it was again--the same, familiar, disarming plausibility of Martin's, the old trick of making her seem to be the one in the wrong.
Its plausibility is marred a little by the fact that the Oracle was not a biblical student, and did not spend much of his time instructing himself about Scriptural localities.
Evidence having a shade more of plausibility than of
In all the tribe there was but one who was at all skeptical about the plausibility of Tarzan's remarkable rescue of Goro, and that one, strange as it may seem, was Tarzan of the Apes.
It may be said that the tactile images are merely present, without any accompanying belief; but I think this view, though sometimes correct, derives its plausibility as a general proposition from our thinking of explicit conscious belief only.
That feeling of life- emptiness which had made me so restless for the last few months lost its bitter plausibility, its evil influence, dissolved in a flow of joyous emotion.
There was always the expectation we wouldn't overdo it because there's a plausibility issue.
Plausibility and transfer of meter reading in the billing system DREWAG NETWORK GmbH.
Immunity is secondary because our focus, first things first, is the vetting of the veracity, the truthfulness, the plausibility, the credibility of the story of Ms Napoles and the credibility of Ms Napoles herself," she added.
Short on charm, not to mention plausibility, Andrew Fleming's English-language remake of Til Schweiger's 2005 comedy won't travel far in theatrical release through Roadside Attractions (simultaneous with on-demand launch), but it's slick enough to score sales as a cable/download time-filler.
This isn't to suggest we cease the noble effort, but keeping minds and deeds unclogged from fairy tales and fantasies with sumptuous doses of reality will generate results of greater plausibility.