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The report was the first of its kind to be published, developing foresight for evidence-based policymaking; it analysed the historical data of selected variables for the previous 20 years, projection of variables for next 10 years defining the best and worst plausible values for each variable.
"It is very plausible that one, as you can imagine." Ardal returns for the eighth series, filmed on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, as detective DI Jack Mooney.
But if parliament absolutely failed to reach a consensus, I could see there would be a plausible argument for it.
Hobbs deferred to the correctional administrators based upon plausible reasons given by the Arkansas DOC.
The fact that Prime Minister accepted the possibility to form a transit government, without VMRO-DPMNE in it, understands that it is plausible. On the other hand, Zaev insisted formation of a transit government which will include non-party members, i.e.
En la primera, se examinaran cinco propiedades tipicas del concepto de plausibilidad, las cuales tienen raices historicas profundas y se mencionan de manera recurrente en la literatura filosofica: 1) La relatividad a una audiencia; 2) la representacion de la fuerza argumentativa en una escala numerica; 3) la sensibilidad a la introduccion de nueva informacion; 4) la posibilidad de realizar inferencias a partir de contradicciones, y 5) la separacion entre lo plausible y lo verdadero.
The mission has two goals a) a description of the path to climate neutrality by 2050 Development : - A plausible transition path for the total building stock (work package 1 and : - A remediation roadmap for individual buildings along the transition path (Work Package 2) and : b) Development of instrument options for implementation of the restructuring timetable (work package 3).
However, Hodgson argues that most human processes of rational belief-formation involve 'informal or plausible reasoning' (38).
To separate the would-bes from the could-bes in a 2012 race, we've created a guide to certain, likely and plausible candidates -- as well a few who are plausible only to us here at the Trib.
Summary: Madrid - Morocco's initiative to grant autonomy to its southern provinces, the Sahara, is the "most serious and the most plausible" solution to the over three-decade regional dispute, said on Saturday the Chairwoman of the "Intercultura" association Yonaida Selam and Secretary of the Spanish Muslim Federation Yusuf Fernandez.
Rather than relying on improved point forecasts or probabilistic predictions, RDM embraces many plausible futures, then helps analysts and decision makers identify near-term actions that are robust across a very wide range of futures--that is, actions that promise to do a reasonable job of achieving the decision makers' goals compared to the alternative options, no matter what future comes to pass.
Their theory is no more plausible than the version sanctioned by the Church, they admit, but considering the paucity of evidence, neither is it any less plausible.