plausible excuse

See: alibi
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He could find no more plausible excuse than that for concealing his face in shadow from the scrutiny of the two men on either side of him.
An unresisting victim is not a pleasant thing; whether the murder is done decorously in the drawing- room, or brutally on the highway, there should be a struggle to give some plausible excuse for taking a life.
He begged hard, and said he couldn't play -- a plausible excuse, but too thin; there wasn't a musician in the country that could.
I wonder will he have the heart to find a plausible excuse for making love to Miss, when he told you he hated her?
Their way led in the direction of his camp, so he had a ready and plausible excuse should they discover him; but they had not seen him for they had not turned their eyes behind.
She refused, without plausible excuse, to appear at a charity concert to which she had promised her assistance.
As he, too, fell the utter automatic callousness of my action registered somewhere in my brain and nagged then and forever after about there being any plausible excuse for such murderous conduct.
He was well beaten at that course last time but had a rough passage and that is a plausible excuse given his shortage of experience.
THE manager is tactically inept, cannot get the best out of the squad and doesn't have the stones to produce a plausible excuse for the dismal results of the last 25 games.
There certainly appeared no plausible excuse for his woeful miss, skying high over the net from only six yards after Kagawa's cross had rolled perfectly into his path.
ed to believe him but after that his phone messages whenever ut for everything I found, John d a plausible excuse.
While Terry had a plausible excuse for being off the pace, none of his teammates did, yet several of them were.