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Quickly search, retrieve and play back relevant pre-recorded content directly from a computer
The recorded discs will play back in most DVD players, including PC drives and Sony PlayStation 2s.
The system can view, record, and play back shared video from all other recorders in the system via the Vicon Net software that centrally ties network recorders using P (LAN, WAN, or Internet).
DVD audio players play back music recorded on a DVD disk featuring sound quality nearly identical to that heard in concert halls.
With a video capture rate of 30 frames per second, the new VxP500 enables a user to record full motion and play back full-screen video on the PC in VHS to near-VHS quality.
A universal player, the Platinum version can be used to play back the latest high-definition file formats, such as MPEG2-HD, VC1, WMV-HD and H.