play favorites

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Although the Queen is expected by some people not play favorites, she reportedly does have one among her grandchildren.
The Davao Region Police Office won't play favorites while implementing the massive regular promotions program.
Traits seen among bad managers is that they are focused largely on themselves and lack self-awareness-they're not attuned to the impact they have on the people around them when they do things such as play favorites or bad-mouth or don't listen to others.
Susan Weber said that it is highly unlikely for mothers to play favorites. And if they do, they do not normally reveal their preference out loud.
"I will be looking at it as the red and blue corner," said Mora, stressing that he won't play favorites when Pacquiao and Broner take center stage Saturday night at the 16,800-seater Grand Garden Arena.
said President Duterte did not play favorites when he appointed Gerogina Dumpit Hidalgo, replacAing Rodolfo Ponferanda at the anti-graft court.
Isaac continued, 'We don't play favorites in our team.
"Their wonderful wedding day resulted in our cover photo!" But de la Madera doesn't play favorites. She is equally delighted with all the couples who posed for portraits expressing a combination of genuine intimacy, romance, sex and glamour.
PARENTS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO PLAY FAVORITES, AND CHEFS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO either, but they're only human, and some chefs tend to gravitate to a particular piece in their licensed line.
"Legal resident aliens in the United States should have the same personal protection rights as anyone," says SAF executive vice president Alan Gottlieb, "because criminals do not play favorites. Mr.
Fans of LA's Black Hippy crew play favorites when discussing FADER #78 cover story.
A review of recent research shows how siblings affect each other, covering topics such as birth order, blended families and parents who play favorites. Riverhead Books, 2011, 320 p., $26.95