play favorites

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Isaac continued, 'We don't play favorites in our team.
PARENTS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO PLAY FAVORITES, AND CHEFS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO either, but they're only human, and some chefs tend to gravitate to a particular piece in their licensed line.
Legal resident aliens in the United States should have the same personal protection rights as anyone," says SAF executive vice president Alan Gottlieb, "because criminals do not play favorites.
Fans of LA's Black Hippy crew play favorites when discussing FADER #78 cover story.
A review of recent research shows how siblings affect each other, covering topics such as birth order, blended families and parents who play favorites.
Government must never play favorites when it comes to religion.
We're here to support everybody who brings us business and not play favorites.
Thanks to the writers for The Progressive, and while I don't play Favorites, I do want to single out Howard Zinn for being so on target about the Iraq War and so inspirational with his long view.
Ensure you don't play favorites when calling on students to respond in class?
The '80s new-wave icon is the opening act for Sling's Sacred Love tour, where she will likely play favorites from solo efforts and Eurythmics material, in advance of her best-of album due out in the fall.
I want my students to know that I love each of them and do not play favorites or compare them to each other.
He or she has to work with all the departments, on an equal footing, and can't play favorites.