play for money

See: gamble
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They try to be fast, and think it's manly, and they flatter him, and lead him on to do all sorts of things play for money, and bet, and loaf about.
If the residents were to continue to play for money they could face a maximum sentence of 51 weeks in jail.
Dubai: An employee has been jailed for three months and fined Dh20,000 for organising a gambling game at a public place and allowing pedestrians to play for money.
The men drew in many workers to play for money, charging them between Dhs10 and Dhs100 to participate in the game of chance," said a prosecutor.
In China, they don't even play for money, but trips abroad.
Bibat, who drew criticism for turning his back on a promising amateur career to play for money, fended off Salvador and Lascuna using a hot back nine to taste his first victory, worth P200,000.
When we are young and start to play football, we don't play for money.
The accused admitted during interrogation that he organised the game in the open and lured the public to play for money.
Of course, we don't play for money, because that would be gambling," Newton said, with a laugh.
Luka and (Gareth) Bale don't play for money - they play to win something.
I had a couple of talks with City and they had a fantastic project going on but I'm not one of those players who wants to go there and play for money," Ibrahimovic said.
I've heard a lot of talk about demands and stuff but I don't play for money.