play safe

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If it's something I have knowledge of, I will be more than willing to show and teach you how to play safe.
However, that was not deemed to be a miss like his escape attempts and Higgins was forced to play safe with the cue ball tight up against a red.
OK, there is the possibility that natural phenomena might be at work, but should we not play safe and assume we are damaging our climate - before it's too late R Jones Wrexham
Posters depicting Rubinstein as a caring mom urging her "sons" to play safe were plastered all over Los Angeles's buses and buildings before going national and then international--they were spotted on phone booths as far away as Madrid.
It's a top course, presented well and it gives you the option to play safe or attack it.
A team of Denver dermatologist volunteers from the Women's Dermatologic Society (WDS) launched an educational campaign, "Families Play Safe in the Sun.
To make sure children play safe, the area will be monitored by CCTV cameras.
Playground industry organizations have taken action and teamed up with Weekly Reader to create the Play Smart, Play Safe curriculum for kindergarten students.
Dear Editor, - What we have now is leadership by committee and we know how committees work - slow, play safe, look over the shoulder, political Click our email button at icbirmingham.
Hayward seeks to maximize the safe enjoyment of the pool and spa environment, and Play Safe is a natural fit," said Kevin Potucek, vice president of marketing at Elizabeth, N.
I admit it is hard to play safe because my foot just wants to stay down all the time.