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Joe said: "We always knew there was a chance the birth would fall during the match, but Lizzie backed me and made it an easy decision for me to play the game. Nothing was really happening at midday on Tuesday, but as I was driving to the game Lizzie called me to say that her waters had gone.
"If I can give them one bit of advice it would be that they need to play the game," said Cooper.
He doesn't play the game like he knows he has it made."
The boy was reportedly forced by his step-father, Maasa Kawabata, 28, to play the game for at least three hours daily and with no breaks in between for a period of three weeks, reported ( Weird Asia News .
READING V A VILLA, TODAY, 3PM: Paul Lambert has challenged his Aston Villa players to show courage and "play the game and not the occasion" in today's relegation clash with Reading.
"Play the Game: Making the Most of Your One Wild and Precious Life" is an inspirational guide that encourages people to treat their life as a game and that the fun of that game all relies on the will of the player.
NORTH-EAST based ABSORB VS Sequel will release their first single, Play The Game, taken from their forthcoming album 180 as a free download from their website on December 1, which also features the B-side, My Revenge and Sequel's Dubscore remix.