play upon

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Like their predecessors they play upon a noyse of shawms, ancestors of the oboebassoon family, and characteristic instruments of waits before 1600.
He is making life more difficult for honest immigrants who are often the victims of the terrorists, but tremendously more easy for homicidal terrorists who will play upon the conflict and legalistic disparity between the practical application of different laws of different nations, to their maximum advantage.
We should give players with artistry, imagination and guile a platform to play upon.
One song's lyrics play upon my mind, Summing up what I feel right now I find.
Nowadays there is a certain amount of tantalising leakage, of varying accuracy, which the media play upon. Whether this is intentional or not is hard to tell.
Something not done to the best of your ability may play upon your conscience.
Readings Clark University Professors Gino Dilorio, Jay Elliott and Jennifer Plante will offer readings of their favorite scary stories and explore the power of narratives that play upon our most basic fears, 7 p.m.
Delivered fully assembled, the palletizers are plug and play upon arrival.
When people ask for a 'dehaan' it generally means that they are looking for a 'tip' to play upon, however if one takes the literal meaning of market forecasting then it is extensive research and analysis conducted to project market trends, scrips momentum, companies earnings, distribution of profits etc.
Educators like Brown say toy manufacturers have a greater social responsibility not to reinforce preexisting sexual stereotypes or to play upon young female children's fixation with sexual attractiveness.
The spoofs play upon the incongruity between the Jersey Shore cast's reading-lite lifestyle and the image of erudition normally associated with authors.
the way gulls and hawks play upon the obliging breeze.