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European champions Portugal made it through to the last 16 on the back of a point that was pocketed amid scenes of ridiculous play-acting and aggressive pressurising of the referee.
Having also managed a number of top-tier clubs, including Sunderland and West Brom, Smith insisted: "I look at the play-acting, the simulation, and think if that player was playing for me he wouldn't be doing that.
They engaged in 'play-acting' by wearing a facade of righteousness to conceal their iniquities.
'The tactics they employed included cheap shots on the Giants' players and, heaven forbid, blatant play-acting.
"The difference in international football is putting up with a little bit of play-acting and simulation," Coleman said at his pre-match press conference.
Meanwhile, play-acting has become a feature of the AGL, especially with the referees' overprotective attitude encouraging players to dive after any tackle -- waiting to be awarded fouls and penalties.
SUNDERLAND .............2 WEST HAM ...............2 SUNDERLAND gaffer Steve Bruce accused Herita Ilunga of play-acting after Kenwyne Jones was sent off for pushing the Hammers full-back.
An angry O'Neill accused the Portuguese side of blatant play-acting, but Lambert bears no grudge.
It could've been reviewed in our Arts or Photography section--but any interested in theatre will also find it involving and not to be missed, discussing play-acting and Surrealism, sources of inspiration, and narrative strategies from cinematography and advertising as they influence modern performance art.
Interviews and live performances and a little play-acting throughout as the band tells their story make this so much more than just a documentary, but a very well-made film ...
Instead of this government play-acting at governing it should get its act together once and for all as its Midsummer Night's Dream has surely become a Comedy of Errors for a lot of folk.