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Ferguson branded Patrick Vieira, Sol Campbell and Martin Keown a bunch of play-actors while Wenger slammed United for trying to kick his players off the pitch in an X-rated opening ten minutes of Cup mayhem.
They at least would understand the frustrations of players and soon sort out the con men and play-actors.
The Greeks are now regarded as among the game's top play-actors. And the message will go out to the England team to think twice before kicking the ball out of play when an opponent is writhing around on the turf.
But someone should take Savage and his fellow play-actors aside and explain it isn't about winning at all costs.
IPSWICH skipper Matt Holland slammed the play-actors and divers who, he believes, are ruining the Premiership.
Geraghty agrees and suggests there is another reason why physical players have been unfairly landed with a bad reputation...the presence of play-actors, who tumble to influence referees.