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today for an exclusive event in support of Playability.
With Rockstar's usual mix of in-jokes and great playability, this is a worthy successor to Spectrum classic Skool Daze.
Amidst a stable of premium properties in the area that includes upscale resort courses such as Deerhurst, Taboo, Rocky Crest and The Rock, Seguin Valley has quickly emerged as being on par or surpassing those tracks for its playability and stunning views.
We don't affect the playability of the field, we only affect the energy on the field.
If changes to the design are necessary to improve playability, the prototype is modified or recast and the testing cycle is repeated.
We're leaving it to referees and match officials to make the final decision on the playability of the pitch on the day.
The statewide golfing poll used golfers instead of a panel of experts to determine the ranking, and asked voters to rate golf course design, conditions, playability, staff, amenities and general enjoyment.