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Lari, on the other hand, is happy to discuss her Playboy years and the ``kick start'' it gave her career.
Each 30-minute program will introduce viewers to the "hidden world" of the Playboy Mansion, from which Hef will lead teams of highly-trained "Superbunnies" to combat the merciless, deadly enemies of democracy.
Hefner said upon arrival at the gala party: "I'm thrilled to be here for this very special occasion that celebrates the return of the Playboy Club and its iconic Bunnies to London.
The reunion's intent is for all who worked at the Playboy Clubs to come together to honor the historical time they shared, and each other.
The revelry will begin on Wednesday, May 11 with an unforgettable pool party, and in true European style, Playboy will keep the party going until the break of dawn for five whirlwind nights.
We are pleased to welcome our first supplement licensee, Performance Edge, to our product licensing division," said Alex Vaickus, president, Product Licensing, Playboy Enterprises.
Playboy Club Cancun will feature the world famous Playboy Bunnies, who will be making their debut in Mexico.
The opening of Playboy Clubs around the world proves the brand is more popular than ever before," said Hugh Hefner, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
As our networks and programming increase, Loral Skynet will keep all of our networks transmitting from their state-of-the-art satellites," said Jim English, president, Playboy Entertainment Group, Inc.
Creatively designed to incorporate influences from the original Playboy Club London that opened in 1966, the new venue will integrate gaming with contemporary nightlife in a property that combines the sexy and sophisticated feel of Playboy with the international allure of London.
When you think of the most prominent media brands in the world that have successfully crossed over into the online space, Playboy has to be among the best case studies.