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He tried to sniff noses with her, but she retreated playfully and coyly.
Her tone was as playfully affectionate as the action which had accompanied her words.
returned Lizzie, playfully smoothing the bright long fair hair which grew very luxuriant and beautiful on the head of the doll's dressmaker.
Winkle had each performed a compulsory somerset with remarkable agility, when the first object that met the eyes of the latter as he sat on the ground, staunching with a yellow silk handkerchief the stream of life which issued from his nose, was his venerated leader at some distance off, running after his own hat, which was gambolling playfully away in perspective.
And the stout gentleman playfully inserted his elbow between the ribs of Mr.
I'm a lot younger than some of these boys who are afraid to tackle a trip through a tropical wilderness," and he playfully nudged Tom in the ribs.
I say, George, it's almost a pity, isn't it," she said, as she held up some of it, playfully,--"pity it's all got to come off?
As she gave it me playfully - for her darker mood had been but momentary - I held it and put it to my lips.
In the video, that was capture by an onlooker, small children can be seen playfully running around inside an enclosure while the lion's handler seems to hold the creature on a lead.
But on Halloween night early this week, the 27-year-old pop music heartthrob (center) playfully transmogrified into a cute Dalmatian pup, alongside DNCE's keyboard player Cole Whittle (foreground, left) and drummer Jack Lawless-with guitarist JinJoo Lee, holding the leash as Cruella, in hot pursuit.
The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 39, nuzzled the 31-year-old singer's neck and she playfully tousled his hair as Kate, 37, giggled at the loved-up pair.
The I'm A Celebrity star playfully grabbed it off the The I'm A Celebrity star playfully grabbed it off the photographer during a shoot for her Baby K range for Mothercare in London.