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Whilst politicians constantly change the rules of the game, in the playground the rules are passed from one generation to another, with little variation.
When starting the new-campus building process, the church leaders knew it was important, for both church members, the campus' on-site Child Development Center, and Edmond families, that an indoor and outdoor playground could be very beneficial and help build a foundation of excitement and play for children of all ages.
Much of the work will center on improving drainage at the playground.
An investment in a playground is an investment in community, and we are happy to provide the La Habra community with a place that families can enjoy for years to come.
Back to the good news: We know what causes playground injuries and we know how to reduce them.
Watching the grandkids play is more fun when everyone can join in and a new app from National Public Radio (NPR) is helping make that possible by finding accessible playgrounds.
NPR News recently reported on a growing movement, backed by a new federal mandate, to build "accessible" playgrounds meant to include children with disabilities.
Playground of Hope began installing playgrounds one year after Japan's catastrophic March 11, 2011 earthquake.
Currently there is a small amount of equipment that is more suited to a backyard than a large playground.
For parents who love to take their kids to the playground every summer, this is a great bit of news.
Tiki Recreation and Related have teamed up to build new playgrounds at six locations in the past year, including two playgrounds in Florida, two playgrounds in Virginia, and a playground in Yonkers.
Our school council had spent lots to time asking children what they wanted in the playground and it was agreed to get an adventure playground built.