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As a matter of fact, the mob was playing in exceedingly foul fashion.
Always the thought kept recurring to me that if I had been playing for myself alone I should never have had such luck.
Among other things, he thought it necessary to remind me that he would be sorry to see me playing at the gaming-tables.
Well, absurd though it be, I place great hopes on your playing of roulette," she remarked musingly; "wherefore, you ought to play as my partner and on equal shares; wherefore, of course, you will do as I wish.
At the piano, he swayed in time to the music, and when he was not playing, his body kept up this motion, like an empty mill grinding on.
One day Samson was standing thus while Miss Nellie was playing her lesson to her music-teacher.
For decades a staple of UCLA's schedule was playing at least one, and sometimes two, marquee non-conference games during the Pacific-10 Conference season.
For Julia Baldwin, playing golf has become almost as necessary as breathing.
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments (1753)
They transcend time, in their understanding and translation of American blues, folk, rock, and old-timey melodies; tone, in a respect for open space within the music and focused playing of their instruments; harmony, in the way their voices blend together so effortlessly; and rhythm, by confidently relying on a synergy and feel that exists amongst hem--they're neither slow nor fast, just perfectly unrestrained.
So, for some, she says, race play is about playing with authority and for others, it might be humiliation.