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"They're playing ball, the kids want to play ball and the parents want their kids to play ball.
The State Fire and Rescue Service's press representative Inga Vetere reported that three youngsters were playing ball near the canal when the ball rolled on the still ice-covered canal.
But Jack's not playing ball and tries to take her down a peg by bundling her into the boot of his car.
His comments came after senior Labour MP John McFall accused the banks of not "playing ball".
I couldn't wait for playtime to come quick enough so I could go out to play skipping, bat and bowl, leapfrog, whip and top, cricket, rounders, jacks, marbles, flying a kite, hopscotch, hide and seek, one potato with your fists and playing ball on the wall.
A total of 79 Dominicans are on the rosters, but there are several on the injured list, meaning that 90 Dominicans could be playing ball this season.
Neighbours complained that her children, aged between 14 and six-years-old, were shouting, swearing, deliberately targeting their homes when playing ball games and throwing stones.
The 43-year-old man from Southampton was playing ball with his family at Lepe Beach at Calshot in Hampshire on Sunday afternoon when the tide came in at around 3pm.