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As it does with its cover, Playing Dirty uses these texts to indicate in sly ways the filth inherent to the comic and the eroticism inherent to filth.
Playing dirty has bever been part of my game FELIPE MASSA
BIG BROTHER is playing dirty with the housemates this week after Davina McCall announced 'fake week' in the house.
No more playing dirty DVDs in cars if a bill in Delaware passes.
However, after winning his prize and meeting Tynemouth MP Alan Campbell, the 15-year-old had a message to deliver to his elected representatives: "Stop playing dirty politics.
But Lucescu dismissed it as ``not important'' and instead accusedClaudio Ranieri's men of playing dirty.
When he recently discovered an owner playing dirty tricks with the NBA's hallowed salary cap, he did not back off, compromise, or sweep anything under a rug.
Standing on the sideline near the visiting team's bench, a corpulent, red-faced man kept screaming that the visitors were playing dirty football.