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Some of the young people they work with have a history of playing truant.
The rate in the city's primary schools is roughly equivalent to one child in every class of 30 playing truant for half the school year - about 500 pupils a day.
There have been problems caused by youngsters playing truant and people taking drugs - Cllr Frances McIntyre, above, on the troubles stemming from the derelict ex-dairy building in Simpson Street Picture by IAN McINTYRE
The figures showed that Newcastle was the worst area in the region for both pupils playing truant and taking legitimate days off from school.
The national average for pupils playing truant in UK state schools was 23% compared to 17% in the private sector.
On every day during the 192-day academic year, there were more than 750 pupils playing truant in the region, according to figures released yesterday.
PUPILS playing truant are going unchecked because inspectors are ABSENT.
Hopefully upon her release she will pull out all the stops to ensure her two teenage daughters go to school and her children, who have been deprived of a mother through their own stupidity, will think twice about playing truant.
The pass is instant proof that the child is not playing truant and is authorised to be absent.
Your article about 'parents of truants face benefit cuts' makes out that the only children playing truant are from homes with parents claiming benefits, when the riots were going on.
Merthyr County Borough Council has seen the biggest rise in pupils playing truant.
A 12-YEAR-OLD girl fell pregnant after playing truant from school, a court heard yesterday.