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Only 15,000 days were lost to pupils playing truant, a far lower percentage than nationally.
Over the same period Stockton Council officers apprehended 28 children and six were truants and in Redcar and Cleveland 208 were stopped, with 40 playing truant.
And in Pontypridd, Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney, youngsters missed more than 8% of scheduled schooling either through illness, being taken on holiday by their parents during term-time or by playing truant.
Everton offering cut-price tickets to children to stop them playing truant from school.
Separate figures showing 43,000 pupils nationally playing truant every day complete a dismal picture.
But magistrates warned the mother-of-two she would face jail if she allowed her children to continue playing truant.
The national average for pupils playing truant in UK state schools was 23 per cent compared to 17 per cent in the private sector.
At least one parent a week is being taken to court by a North East council because their children are playing truant.
Others however were found to be playing truant and were taken straight back to school.
But Mrs Amos said the school did not contact her when Jacqueline started playing truant again.
She will help students in their last two years of school who are playing truant, under-achieving or at risk of exclusion.