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Hieronimo's Soliman and Perseda playlet serves the same function as the dramatic initiation rite in The Golden Ass.
He produced a variety show that included travelogues, music, songs, and playlets.
14) "Ira Perkins" which, in the text proper carries the longer title "John Allen and Ira Perkins," is a seven-page playlet that centers on teacher Allen walking Perkins through the economic implications of intemperance and demonstrating with great specificity how Perkins could educate and feed his children on the money he spends on alcohol, that Perkins has probably wasted "enough to have a handsome little farm" in his twelve years of drinking (66), and that, in essence, Perkins's drinking has helped make the town grocer/grogshop owner a rich man.
Out of the increasingly close association between drama and dialogue as part of the new "news" between 1640 and 1642, Wiseman sees the emergence of the "pamphlet playlet," a dramatic form circulating in print with special significance in the early years of the 1640s.
And for $20 you can cross a bridge to Disney's Pleasure Island, an adults-only complex featuring a huge open-air concert stage, cozy comedy club, country-western dance hall, rock `n' roll club, an Adventurer's Club where you interact with the characters in a mystery playlet, curbside bars and novelty shops.
Every Sunday from September to May last year, 13 young adults met to play games, study the Bible and prepare for their final production in April -- a three-act playlet called The Case of the Disappearing Youth Choir.
Diehl then argues that the playlet serves to transform Claudius into a Calvinist "split subject" (William Bouwsma's term), theatrically aware of himself as "observer and observed, audience and actor" (91).
But this turns out to be possibly the most structurally complex playlet of the lot, with overtones of emotional and physical cruelty in addition to inscrutable questions of identity.
After the first metadramatic playlet in The Spanish Tragedy, for instance, the Spanish king asks Hieronimo, the play's creator, what it all means: "Hieronimo, this masque contents mine eye, / Although I sound not well the mystery" (I.
Their chatter had swiftly turned to silence, and it was obvious that the clerk and I had an attentive audience for our little playlet.
423-24): Philargus must die because of Domitian's demand that the miser, a real person, be equated absolutely with the onstage miser-persona cured in the playlet.
The dramatic playlet, based on The Lord's Prayer, was written by the Rev.