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cried Violet, "pray look out and see what a sweet playmate we have
If Violet and Peony did not choose to play with her, she could make just as good a playmate of the brisk and cold west-wind, which kept blowing her all about the garden, and took such liberties with her, that they seemed to have been friends for a long time.
Violet and Peony stood laughing at this pretty sight; for they enjoyed the merry time which their new playmate was having with these small-winged visitants, almost as much as if they themselves took part in it.
This is our snow-image, which Peony and I have made, because we wanted another playmate.
Violet and Peony would not be aware of their immortal playmates,--only they would see that the image grew very beautiful while they worked at it, and would think that they themselves had done it all.
My little girl and boy deserve such playmates, if mortal children ever did
A stranger though she was, the child seemed to be on as familiar terms with Violet and Peony, and they with her, as if all the three had been playmates during the whole of their little lives.
Also, he gave amazing garblings of my tales to our playmates, until all began to look upon me queerly.
It was delightful to be rid of Seesaw's hateful presence; but otherwise the loss of several playmates at one fell swoop made rather a gap in Riverboro's "younger set," and Rebecca was obliged to make friends with the Robinson baby, he being the only long-clothes child in the village that winter.
Hugh Hefner's son Cooper opened a new era for Playboy as it welcomed its first-ever transgender Playmate, Ines Rau, last week.
On Wednesday, Playboy introduced its first transgender playmate, Ines Rau.
Lagawe, Ifugao -- An eight- year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his four-year-old playmate in their house in Sitio Alatbang, Barangay Bato-Alatbang, Mayoyao, Ifugao last Tuesday, a belated police report said.