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Instruments and playthings are sense and spirit: behind them there is still the Self.
Be it what it may, it is a pretty plaything," said the blacksmith, grinning with childlike delight.
Here the child clapped his hands and made a great babble of indistinct utterance, apparently demanding that the butterfly should be given him for a plaything.
Owen Warland might have told them that this butterfly, this plaything, this bridal gift of a poor watchmaker to a blacksmith's wife, was, in truth, a gem of art that a monarch would have purchased with honors and abundant wealth, and have treasured it among the jewels of his kingdom as the most unique and wondrous of them all.
There was something truly mysterious in the intentness with which he contemplated these living playthings as they sported on the breeze or examined the structure of an imperial insect whom he had imprisoned.
I occasionally wished I could venture to hint to Miss Lavinia, that she treated the darling of my heart a little too much like a plaything; and I sometimes awoke, as it were, wondering to find that I had fallen into the general fault, and treated her like a plaything too - but not often.
One day, as she inspected this drawer, I observed that the playthings and trinkets which recently formed its contents were transmuted into bits of folded paper.
We don't send playthings,' cried Catherine, her pride overcoming her shame.
The games are left unfinished and the playthings drop from their careless hands.
One day the sweet, sad strains will sound out full and clear, and then we too shall, like the little children, throw our playthings all aside and follow.
This is just a political plaything for the hegemonic powers," Rohani said, "since eliminating petty terrorist groups for these powers would be like eating cake.
With the box, I reckon it is worth PS50 to PS75 today - not bad for a plaything in the early 80s.