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The NAB added the grant of exemption and appointment of a pleader are the discretionary powers with the trial court.
He added that the appointment of a pleader and the grant of an exemption are at the discretion of the trial court, and cannot be claimed as a matter of right.
14) In other words, if the document at issue did not exist but the pleader would still be able to bring the cause of action or assert the defense that was originally intended, then the document need not be attached.
In demanding the letter of the law and the death of Antonio, in hating music, in wishing his daughter dead at his feet and the ducats in her ear, in claiming the right to revenge, Shylock does not remotely rise to the condition of a pleader for "the metaphysical unity of mankind.
It follows that where the well-pleaded facts do not permit the court to infer more than the mere possibility of misconduct, the complaint has alleged--but it has not shown--that the pleader is entitled to relief.
In Central Uruzgan province, three militants, including a group pleader, were killed when the roadside bomb they were planting went off prematurely in the Charchino district, police said.
Sableman recalls that the conventional wisdom among media lawyers once was that it was a dangerous mistake for the press to become a special pleader before legislative bodies.
Moses himself, the supreme pleader at the court of Pharaoh, could not have done better.
Vakalatnama' is the written authority executed by a party specifying powers intended to be entrusted to a pleader (advocate).
Rivkah Lubitch is a rabbinic court pleader who works at The Center for Women's Justice.
In fact, the Senate's unusual method of operating and the ability of a minority members to slow down the process prompted former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole to describe his job as that of "majority pleader.
The Commissioner made a surprise visit to Executive Engineer Public Health, Tehsildar Office, District Officer (Female), SE Public Health, Government pleader and Civil Defence Officer on the complaints of people and ordered departmental inquiry against officials found absent from duty.