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Oh, my darling, please kill the mouthing hope; kill the ache,
For additional information, please contact Thomas Griffin at 212-616-5241.
Crisis Prevention Institute in Toronto; For more information please call 1-800-558-8976 or visit www.
Please contact James Swanson Rigney, 2505 Walker Road, Penhook, VA 24137, (540) 576-4023.
Writer and television producer Tonya Lewis Lee and her filmmaker husband, Spike Lee recall some of the experiences that came with parenting untiring toddlers to write their first picture book, Please, Baby, Please.
To register for this course, please contact Lisa Christensen, phone + 1 919 515-2888, or email lchriste@ unity.
Please label the diskette with your name, article title, and the word processing program (including version number) used to create the file.
For more information, please contact Turtle Island Foods at (800) 508-8100, or visit their website <www.
For additional information or to purchase tickets please contact Trisha Ycaza at (212) 616-5214.
For more information, please call CPI at 1-800-588-8976, or visit www.

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