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Pleasingly, the synopsis sticks firmly to the tone of the comic books, describing the film as the story of "the little round-headed boy with the indomitable optimism on a quest to get something he's sure he needs, even though he discovers he's pretty OK just as he is.
Issa Al Kharusi, section head (Key Accounts) pointed out that Nawras was committed to supporting business in Oman and contributing to the prosperity and development of companies through pleasingly different communications solutions.
At Nawras, we offer world-class communication services that create a pleasingly different customer experience for the people of Oman.
It's a bright, crisp well-made lager, with a bit of European panache, and pleasingly balanced notes of hop and malt.
The laughs are gentle, Nick is a pleasingly ambiguous character and the anti-materialism message is admirable.
Balance it with something white for a pleasingly sharp contrast.
His first question went something like this, "Roughly what percentage of kids are actually obese, or are most of these just pleasingly plump?
Subscriptions start from only RO 9 per month and each plan naturally includes Nawras' award-winning, pleasingly different customer service.
It was only Forest's second away win of the campaign and the visitors had the best two players on the pitch too in the pleasingly direct midfielder Garath McLeary and Lewis McGugan.
Grimthorpe confirmed Workforce worked pleasingly yesterday, following reports of an impressive workout on Sunday.
Touches of ABBA and an obvious similarity to the Pet Shop Boys (thanks to singer Stefan Storm's vocal resemblance to Neil Tennant) gave Into The Clouds and After The Silence a pleasingly familiar rather than derivative feel.