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Reassuringly, the 2013 competition was won by Jamie Barton who was pleasingly plump and by common consent the best singer.
Pleasingly decorated animation - it's a Phantom Of The Cabaret, with a fondness for puns.
Pleasingly, the synopsis sticks firmly to the tone of the comic books, describing the film as the story of "the little round-headed boy with the indomitable optimism on a quest to get something he's sure he needs, even though he discovers he's pretty OK just as he is.
There are more comedy set-pieces than you find in most kids' flicks, Steve Carell as Alex's dad is funnier than he's been in ages and, most pleasingly of all, it doesn't descend into the usual cloyingness.
Mark Gatiss, co-creator of BBC's Sherlock, described the collection as: "Charming, wistful and pleasingly nasty, as is only proper.
I used every search term I could think of to lead me to web comments that castigated racing as a hideously cruel sport that should be banned and, while it wasn't an entirely fruitless hunt, it was pleasingly impossible to find a meaningful chorus of disapproval for racing.
the way Americans order martinis, why mid-century businessmen preferred vodka (hint: clients can't smell it on your breath), and a pleasingly snippy account of the anti-vodka backlash among high-end modern mixologists.
Night Moves is resolutely downbeat and pleasingly uninterested in lecturing on green issues.
Raspberry Provincial is pleasingly tart and refreshing.
Perfect on toast, this has a rich colour and is pleasingly gooey with the blossom giving the honey a distinctive scent.
A descriptive detailed world is created and pleasingly the story is unpredictable, well-paced and suspenseful.
To bring smiles and wonder, the Pisa tower needs to keep pleasingly sideways.