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Exploring this interaction using one-way ANOVAs (as for meaningfulness above) revealed that none of the four paintings identified above as showing a significant condition effect on the meaningfulness measure showed a significant condition effect on pleasingness (the means are shown in Table 1).
Relationship between meaningfulness and pleasingness
The pleasingness ratings were similarly intercorrelated, although in this case, the correlations were smaller, on average, ranging from +.
Clearly, pleasingness differences between the paintings are linked to factors other than the perceived meaningfulness differences between them.
For many purposes as when one is studying the effects of some characteristic (such as complexity) of a stimulus upon its pleasingness, it is the mean values of the judgements assigned to it that are of interest.
Indicate how pleasing you find the painting by rating it on the five-point pleasingness scale shown.
Indicate how pleasing yo find each of the paintings by arranging them in order of pleasingness.
Judgments of pleasingness and interestingness as function of visual complexity.