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Interest, as that which arises from the longing for feeling pleasurably, necessarily excludes any burdensome labor, suggesting consequently to whomever might be able to obtain it that he adopt for his own the fatigues of others, for the opposite includes the indefinite longing for enjoyment, making it impossible that a rich man might ever have a superfluity.
The year 2001 proceeded pleasurably for me and for my family.
He spoke slowly, in nested clauses, repeating certain words and phrases in a way that had you guessing which word or phrase would appear next, and pleasurably satisfying or thwarting your expectations along the way.
Most games have come in about on a par with queuing on the M6 (pleasure rating: low) or watching the BBC "comedy" 'Miranda' (nil) while, on occasions, supporters have got home on Saturday teatime and reflected that the afternoon would have been more pleasurably spent undergoing root canal surgery without anaesthetic.
After Belqassim has had his way with her, the men exchange roles and he then pleasurably watches as the other Arab, brusque, uncouth and unacceptable, also rapes her.
Check-in for Etihad flight from Manchester was pleasurably swift, plenty of leg room near the back of the aircraft, and predicted time of departure as scheduled at 9am.
A lifetime's perspective shapes the content far more pleasurably than the alternative of putting absolutely everything in, interesting or not, relevant or not, because there's a page-quota to fill.
A prevailing sense starts to build--a sense that still clings on in contemporary discussion--that somehow we read poetry primarily to have these narrowly aestheticised sorts of reading experience; and not to be informed, or to be entertained, or to be entranced, or to be fascinated by patterning and structure, or to be pleasurably frightened, or to be seduced, or to be talked to, or to be argued with.
Never slipping out of third gear - but pleasurably so.
Doing this can be both pleasurably satisfying and philosophically important.
Yoga is a fun way to get involved with the kids actively and pleasurably.
Such a solution, 'a certain set of possibilities' (Hayles 286) realised, can be experienced pleasurably as 'pattern'--a 'tendenc[y] towards coherence'(Gibson).